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Center for Research in Corporate Law and Governance (CRCLG)

About the Institute

Army Institute of Law is a center of excellence in the field of legal education, imparts high-quality legal education and professional training. Over the years, it has emerged as a hub of scholastic brilliance. As per the India Today Nielsen Survey-2018, the Institute ranks 2nd in Top Private College, North zone and ranked 12th in Best Law Schools for 2018.The alumni of the institutes have excelled in the field of law working at the top Law Firms, with Senior Litigators, Multi National Corporations and Public Sector Undertakings, Research Organisations and the Non-Governmental Organisations .

About Centre For Research In Corporate Law & Governance (CRCLG)

Centre for research in Corporate Law & Governance (CRCLG), is created with the objective to promote interdisciplinary research in the field of corporate law & governance. The purpose of the CRCLG focuses on following aspects: • To promote comprehensive research preparing the students for viewing the world in an inter-disciplinary manner, endowing them with analytical skills to critically evaluate laws on corporate law & governance. • To conduct study of corporate law and governance within its economic, business and legal context, with particular regard to how corporate law and governance mechanisms facilitate or inhibit economic activity. • To provide a new way of thinking about the growing challenges in corporate law & governance and how to respond to them. • To conduct workshops, seminars, conferences, panel discussions, guest lecturers in order to adopt an explicitly comparative approach and develop strategies for ensuring sustainable development and success in the most competitive world. .

Scope of Activities

The following scope of activities has been identified as part of Centre for Research in Corporate Law & Governance. Please find under mentioned a detailed Action Plan as to the Working/Governance of the Centre. • Initiation of a Blog or e-newsletter, relevant to the Centre’s field of Law • Initiation of an Annual Corporate Law Journal by next semester • Encouraging participation in Patron-in-Chief Award competition • Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Guest Lectures, Panel Discussions – Inviting eminent members from the Legal Fraternity. • Preparation of a E- newsletter • Review & provide Assistance in publication of paper(s) in various journals of Corporate Law

Detailed Plan of Action

• Dedicated Blog for the Centre of Research in Corporate Law & Governance: The Centre for Research so constituted, shall initiate a Blog/e-newsletter which would inform about the activities of such Centre, along with information about various events, competitions, call for publications, invitation for Seminars in the field of Corporate Law. The Blog/e-newsletter shall also feature two weekly posts relevant to the Centre’s field of law and later on can be opened up for submissions from other reputed law colleges/academicians. The Link for the Blog shall be made available on the College’s official Website, i.e. www.ail.ac.in.

• Essay Writing Competition: The Centre shall organize on a yearly basis, a National Essay Writing Competition. The Competition shall be open to students of AIL as well others from premier law institutes.

• Annual Corporate Law Journal: A journal completely dedicated to corporate law and areas incidental thereto. The Centre shall come up with a list of possible names for the journal and get the process initiated, including the formalities required for an ISSN Number. The Journal shall be in printed or online form, featuring submissions of both students from AIL as well as other premier law institutes to keep up with quality and reputation of the Institute.

• Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Arbitration Competition, Guest Lectures, Panel Discussions etc.: The Centre, in its initiative, shall also organize the said activities, in order to give exposure as to what happens in a corporate sector, and develop strategies for ensuring sustainable development and success in the most competitive world.

• Publication of an E-Newsletter on a Quarterly Basis: The Centre, shall publish an E-newsletter highlighting the work done by the Centre and a glimpse of the achievement of students in the area of Corporate Law also emphasizing upon the need of certain research skill set, which an individual needs to have, as a student of Law. A dedicated newsletter focused towards Corporate Law and areas of Laws incidental thereto. The Centre shall also publish a Report of its actions undertaken and shall highlight the working of the Centre.

• Assistance with Research related Activities: The Centre shall further aim to inculcate the culture of Research amongst the students, and assist them in securing publications with reputed Corporate Law Journals.

Constitution Of The Centre

The Centre shall consist of the following members

Advisory Member

• Principal, AIL

Faculty Coordinator

• Faculty Member (Law), AIL-01

Students Committee • Convenor- 02- Final Year Student (B.A.LL.B.) • Co-Convenor – 02 each from Fourth Year and Third year Student (B.A.LL.B.) The Core Committee shall consist of the Faculty Coordinator, and Student Convenors (i.e. student members from Final Year). The faculty coordinator shall be appointed by the Principal, and student conveners/co-convenors shall be appointed on interview basis by the Faculty Coordinator and one senior faculty.

Oversight and Approval

Every activity/plan/decision/ taken by the Centre shall be sent to the Principal for kind perusal and only after obtaining approval, such a plan/activity/decision, it shall come into effect. The Principal shall have the sole discretion to disband the Centre, if the response by the students is adequately less, or in the event of the members of the Centre not working, they shall be removed and replaced at the discretion of the Principal and the Core Committee.


Fortnightly meeting shall be conducted.

Place Of Working

The Centre shall operate from the Research Cell.

Founding Committee is as under:

Advisory Member
• Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Principal, AIL.
Faculty Coordinator
• Dr. Puja Jaiswal, Assistant Professor, AIL.
Students Committee
• Mr. Gaurav Hooda-B.A.LL.B-Vth year
• Mr. Shreya Singh- B.A.LL.B-Vth year
• Ms. Trisha Mukherjee-B.A.LL.B-IVth year
• Ms. Zarish Ali- B.A.LL.B-IVth year
• Mr. Omvir Singh- B.A.LL.B-IIIth year
• Mr. Ankit Malik- B.A.LL.B-IIIth year