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Debating Society

The Army Institute of Law has a very active Debating Society which actively holds sessions and prepared students to participate in public speaking activities such as Parliamentary Debates, MUNs and Conventional Debates.The Army Institute of Law recognizes the importance of good oratory skills, critical thinking and the ability to express one's ideas to excel in the field of law. The debating society regularly sends teams to participate in National Level Competitions and the students have brought many laurels and accolades for the Institute.

    Debating Society Members(2018-2019)

  • Faculty Co-Ordinator :- Mrs Amita Sharma
  • Student Coordinators:-
  • Ahat Sharma (5th Year)
  • Virinda Kumar (4th Year)
  • Param Chahal (4th Year)
  • Aman Venugopal (4th Year)
  • Shashank Mishra (3rd Year)