Teaching Pedagogy

The pedagogy at the Army Institute of law is regularly adapted to suit the students who are at the Institute from across India. The faculty provides course readings to the students, drawing from their research outcomes to help them have a fresh outlook towards the latest legal developments, and develop in them a habit to think outside the box. In the practical sense every area of Law and every skill required by a student in his/her professional life cannot be taught but the focus at the Army Institute is to train students to become lifelong learners through discipline, hard work and practice.

The academic environment encourages individual as well as group thinking so as to get the passing out batch in a state of cohesiveness to achieve success in their future professional lives. The laurels, awards and accomplishments of the students at AIL is proof enough of this pedagogy which could be summarised as follows:

  • Classroom lectures are delivered by a team of dedicated faculty members who not only teach but also inculcate a sense of discipline, ethics and hard work in the students. With most of the faculty with Doctoral degrees and years of experience in teaching and research, an excellent growth opportunity is given to the aspiring legal professionals.
  • Discussions and debates are carried out on a regular basis to enhance analytical and logical thinking among students for their future roles as efficient orators.
  • Judgement writing and analysis in addition to case studies is assigned to improve the practical learning and inculcating problem-solving skills.
  • Regular assessment of students is done through assignment of projects with a focus on quality research, judgment analysis, case studies in emerging areas of the legal field.
  • Webinar sessions, blog writing and quarterly newsletter are undertaken by the research centers to maximize participation in focused areas of research.
  • Smart teaching plans are incorporated with effective use of digital tools with an objective to assist the students to adapt to modern work practices and techniques
  • Orientation programs are conducted for the freshers. Eminent academicians and legal professionals are invited to enlighten the path that the aspiring lawyers are about to embark on.
  • Guest lectures, intra institute competitions and brainstorming sessions are frequently conducted for providing an in-house platform for the student participation and over-all personality development of students
  • Capacity building activities such as CV writing and mock interviews are planned for students of the 5th year to polish their skills during their job interviews and placements.